Glow sticks rock my socks.

Apparently I would look fine with a red tint. Thanks, light!

So happy with my moonstone ring <3

Loving my new bracelet set from Etsy <3

#throwback this is from at least two years ago. But I really love it. I have no idea how I was able to get a shot like this. Guess it just happen. One of my friends pointed out that I look a little lost and I kind of agree. #eyes #selfportrait #reflectionoffeelings

So much truth in these words. More people should live by this. #freedomwriters #lovethismovie #quote

Oh yeah! I dyed my hair, hehe. You like?!

Silly face, aw yeah.

Caved and got myself an otterbox. Good decision so far.

My inspiration to lose weight: being healthy AND fashion!

Who says you can’t go into surgery looking fab?